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About NewFit

We’re a small, family-owned business based in Larkspur, CA.

We love playing pickleball and want to create the best pickleball products possible.
We believe: 

In giving unbelievable value.

Our customers come first.

Pickleball is for everyone.

Our BLUR pickleball paddle is designed in the USA for everyone, from beginners to pros. We play a lot pickleball and feel this combination of graphite face and polymer honeycomb core has the best mix of benefits.
We developed TRUE pickleballs to have a lively bounce but stay just within the USAPA guidelines. If you love long rallies, you’ll love TRUE. 
Now get out there and play!
Proud founding fathers.jpg
NewFit Co-Founders Richard & Brian
NewFit'ers Eric & Mary
Brian playing pink.JPG
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